Policy and Investments

As a regional expert on smart growth principles and healthy community design, we work to advance local and regional policies that support health, equity, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. We advocate for greater investment, to ensure that community-supported plans and policies can actually be implemented. Our knowledge of design strategies, effective policy, and funding sources helps us apply national best practices to local contexts.

Current Projects

Environmental Justice In general Plans

Embedding health equity and mobility justice into local policy

Safe Routes to Parks and Healthy Retail

Identifying policy and built environment opportunities to improve health through active travel 

Sacramento Neighborhoods Activating on Air Quality (SNAAQ)

Empowering community members to monitor their air quality, reduce carbon emissions and improve public health

Past Projects

City of Sacramento Transit-Oriented Development

Advocated for the adoption of more robust TOD policies

Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change

Participated in the Built Environment, Mobility, and Community Health and Resiliency technical advisory committees

Vision Zero: City of Sacramento

Engaged in discussions at the national, state, and local levels to effectively apply best practices locally