Stronger, Healthier, More Equitable Communities

Healthy Built Environments

Reimagining the built environment with equity at its core.

Securing the Bag

We advanced health equity and mobility justice by securing local, state, regional, and federal dollars that support Safe Routes to School, Safe Routes to Parks and Healthy Retail, and active transportation planning and infrastructure.


**Secured in 2023 for partners and Civic Thread projects

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Want to Advance Equity?

We lean on 20+ years of experience co-creating creative, robust, and successful community-led solutions in disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

Leading the region in Safe Routes to School

Our Youth Deserve Safe Routes to School!

The more students and families who can walk and bike to school safely results in less reliance on motor vehicles, safer neighborhoods, cleaner air, and greater transportation freedom.

Built Environment Change

Acknowledging the past. Moving forward with Intentionality.

Dismantling racist land use and development policies that have disproportionately harmed BIPOC and under-resourced communities.


Community-Based Planning Projects


Walk, Bike, and Park Audits


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Real people.
Real transformation

We put action behind words and intentionally build PEOPLE POWER to advance collaboration in decision-making processes.

“Civic Thread is a tremendous benefit to any partnership or project.”
Angela E. Hearring, Community Advocate
“Civic Thread has a rockstar team that has continually supported the efforts of the city to operationalize equity.”

Our Mission

We won’t stop Advocating for Health Equity In the Built Environment.

We elevate institutionally underserved voices and priorities to co-create communities, neighborhoods, and places where everyone can thrive.